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SaltFit is at 11 Fennel Street in scenic downtown Skaneateles NY. Our facility is the hub of fitness and balanced healthy living for the Finger Lakes. Our building has designated areas for interval training, kick-boxing, yoga, olympic weightlifting and TRX. We also take advantage of our natural surroundings by offering running and endurance training on the roads in the countryside and paddleboarding on Skaneateles Lake.

We believe that anyone can achieve success and experience continual improvement with our classes which are designed to provide functional fitness for every ability level through varied workouts in a group setting.

Whether you are a beginner or a competitive athlete, a local resident or a vacationer, SaltFit is your local resource for an expansive selection of health and fitness services.

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We offer one free class to people are looking to join SaltFit. We have variety of classes from interval training, yoga, kickboxing and more, and learn more about our classes and membership.


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Barbell For Boobs At SaltFit

Barbell For Boobs At SaltFit

David Kerr and Carissa Thompson and their staff at SaltFit are getting ready to perform 1,000 burpees in a row — all in an effort to raise money and awareness to fight breast cancer. "We will do 1,000 burpees. One thousand in a row," Kerr said Tuesday at the 11 Fennell St. fitness facility. "Hopefully, this is going to raise a few dollars per burpee." For the first time, SaltFit will host a Barbells for Boobs event from noon to 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 9 at the facility to raise money for the national organization that emphasizes early detection and provides breast cancer examinations for women and men under the age of 40. "People will hopefully stop by and to contribute to the cause," Kerr said. During that time, people are invited to stop by the gym and take part in Grace — all of the standard CrossFit exercises have…

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SaltFit Facility Helps Focus on Client’s Goals

SaltFit Facility Helps Focus on Client’s Goals

Talking is optional, but panting, jumping, pulling and lifting are definitely OK at SaltFit, a fitness facility at 11 Fennell St. in the village of Skaneateles. Prompted to answer a question by one of the coaches during a workout, Mark Byrne, of Skaneateles, finds that he is a little out of breath to answer. But he likes it that way. "It's a very efficient workout that you're not going to do by yourself," Byrne said recently at the fitness center. He added that it's an intense, hard workout, "but it's with people you get to know, so that makes it fun. ... It's exhausting. I've been doing it for a year. I do it five or six times (a week). I lost 40 pounds already." Byrne got his wife, Karen, to join too, and now she's already outshining him, he admitted. "It's a lot of fun," Karen Byrne said. "We…

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Barbells for Boobs

At SaltFit 2014

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